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Ultimate flexibility with the Android or IPhone

Control System has been designed to offer the very best way to control your heating, hot water and lighting from anywhere by using smart phone. So your system could be set to turn your heating off when you’re out of the home, or to switch on while on the way back to home. Also you can change the tepmprature. 

Stay connected to your home no matter where you go.

Control System

Control System enables light and equipments to be at full power on approach and dim down to a controlled level, or switch off automatically. This get the most out of energy savings without compromising lighting performance or health and safety standards on potentially dangerous industrial sites. In large, unoccupied facilities, the payback period can be less than one year.

Immersion controller

If you own a solar PV system almost 50% of the energy is exported to grid, that is given away, to the electricity grid. Immersion Controller is essentially an automatic power controller that diverts surplus power to a designated load, e.g a hot water heater, Infrared heating panels or Underfloor heating, to save energy and minimise your utility bills.

As it uses free electricity, it reduces your energy cost & bills.

Voltage Optimization

Voltage Optimisation is a system that works in small business and in your homes. The system is built and designed to  reduce the incoming voltage that is supplied to houses or businesses.  Voltage optimisation controls the voltage received by appliances in your home so you you’re not paying extra for excess electricity. Most household appliances we use work optimally at 220V, as products manufactured for Europe are designed for mainland Europe where the grid is 220V, not the 240V the UK has traditionally maintained.

Grid voltage in the UK can vary between 216V to 253V, with an average grid voltage of 245V, so depending on the exact grid voltage where you live the technology could save you up to 10% on your electricity bills by lowering the voltage to an optimal level. The Voltage Optimisation system will optimise the entire house, so you can start saving from the moment the system is installed. No changes to your life style are required so you can carry on living with the peace of mind that you are saving as you go. With the Voltage Optimisation system in place, the average payback period is under 3 years.

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