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LED Lighting Design, Installation & Maintenance 

Commercial LED Lighting Design, Installation & Maintenance Services


We are suppliers of LED lighting and specialise in site survey, design and installation of your lighting right through to the maintenance.


Energy assessment of existing installation


We survey your site and energy consumption will calculate at circuit watts level, this mean real time measurements by site.

We will survey your site to identify ways to reduce energy consumption. Then, during the project design, we will make sure you won’t be wasting light in the wrong places. We will supply you with the most energy-efficient products – and help you to maintain the resulting energy savings.


Proposed Lighting Design

Our commercial lighting design services are tailored to your needs and your budget. Whether it’s a small showroom or a complex, multi-site business or healthcare establishment, our lighting designers can create the right lighting solution for you.


Lighting Scheme Design

We use Dialux, Relux and AutoCad software to meet the high expectations of our clients, creating innovative schemes within the current industry luminance recommendations.


Installation of Lighting

Our lighting engineers have a vast knowledge and are qualified to undertake the most intricate industrial and commercial electrical lighting installation. A fully certified log book will be issued with every completed lighting installation, allowing companies to keep a record of tests completed.


We can arrange unsecured finance for your LED installation which means you have no upfront costs and your energy savings pay for the product. Also energy savings are greater than the re-payments so you still save money.


We can also advise on the benefits available from the Government incentives such as the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme, most of our products also comply with ECA requirements so you can claim 100% first-year capital allowance to offer you even further savings.


  • No big upfront capital cost needed. * (in some cases deposit is required to place an order)
  • Savings on electricity bills will outweigh the finance cost.
  • Full warranty & maintenance included.
  • End to end project delivery include – Site Survey - Saving Calculation & Payback Period - Finance Arrangement - Supply & Installation - Maintenance


What to expect from our installation service:

Experienced engineers
Every one of our engineer is qualified and responsible electrician.

Health and safety
We aim to exceed industry guidelines on health and safety

Limited interruption
Our aim to make sure your staff and visitors aren’t disrupted by the installation works.


We are elecsa accredited Contractors.

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