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Compel is keen to help client meet the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy technologies.

Solar PV Funding

Funding solar panels yourself will always generate the best return on investment. However, if you cannot finance the initial costs yourself, Compel can help your organisation to fund solar PV with a range of competitive and flexible finance solutions.

Solar panels reduce your electricity bills by around 50% and you will receive payments for 20 years from the government's Feed-in Tariff scheme.


Our solar PV or heating system will deliver savings to cover the finance payments and at the same time significantly reducing your energy costs.


Short Term Finance Solution

Compel can help to fund solar PV on short term loan.


Long Term Finance Solution

We work with experienced and active finance provider can provide finance solutions to the specific requirements of businesses of all sizes, and offer a flexible approach to funding, rather than a prescriptive package.

Lighting Finance

Compel is keen to help businesses to upgrade its lighting. Using our funding scheme to install LEDs lighting could still see a strong, long term return on investment. Our  facilities are quick and easy to arrange allowing you to take immediate advantage.

We can arrange unsecured finance for your LED installation which means you have no upfront costs and your energy savings pay for the product. Also energy savings are greater than the re-payments so you still save money.


We can also advise on the benefits available from the Government incentives such as the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme, most of our products also comply with ECA requirements so you can claim 100% first-year capital allowance to offer you even further savings.


  • No big upfront capital cost needed. * (in some cases deposit is required to place an order)
  • Savings on electricity bills will outweigh the finance cost.
  • Full warranty & maintenance included.
  • End to end project delivery include – Site Survey - Saving Calculation & Payback Period - Finance Arrangement - Supply & Installation - Maintenance


We're always happy to provide any additional information about our services. Contact us on +44 01260 289117 or use our contact form.

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