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LED lighting is the next-step in light bulb technology.
The savings available from installing LED lighting in your home really are significant.

Our residential LED lights are available in a choice of styles and colours.

Just a few examples of our recent LED Lights

Some of the benefits of LEDs are below:

  • LED Light Energy Savings: The main difference between LEDS and standard light bulbs lies in the wattage. Compared to a 60-watt incandescent bulb, an LED bulb can provide the same amount of lumens while using only 13 watts. 50-85% annual savings on lighting costs
  • Longer life: In addition to using fewer watts, LED bulbs provide the same amount of light over a much longer period of time. While traditional light bulbs last  less than 2,000 hours, LEDs are rated for 25,000-50,000 hours, depending upon the power supply. 
  • Low temperature operation: LED lights work at a much lower temperature as compare to halogen bulbs, converting most of the energy into light and significantly reducing the risk of fire.
  • Eco-friendly light bulbs: Nothing like some CFL and halogen bulbs, LED bulbs contain no harmful substances like Mercury. This means they are far safer to use around the home and can be recycled without damaging the environment.

Making the Switch

Are you still struggling to make the switch to LEDs? Many avoid switching to LEDs because the lights are so expensive upfront. But at Compel, we not only installer but also the manufacturer of LEDs lightings. Buy direct from the manufacturer. Our products are not only price competitive but also are available in a choice of styles and colours. To calculate the ROI of LEDs for you, check out this LED ROI calculator.


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