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LED Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights are stand alone, off grid which do not need any connection to grid power. Energy is produced by the solar panel and stored in the solar battery, so that the lamp can be powered during the night. They incorporate multiple LED's, no bulb changes required and almost zero maintenance. They switch on automatically at night time and off during day. All necessary wiring is included in the battery box or  in the pole. Using the latest LED technology they are very powerful and can illuminate large areas. That means there is no need for any cable underground.

Our solar LED street lights are available in a choice of styles and colours.


o    Easy Installation
o    Micro-Controller Based Circuit
o    Non polluting source of electricity
o    Off grid solar power light
o    Eco friendly, Zero carbon emission
o    dust to down facilities available
o    Currently we offer a replacement for 35W to 135W fittings.
o    Available with IP64 or IP67 sealed LED modules.
o    Features a potted IP67, metal cased driver.
o    A modular diffuser ensures the light is both glare.
o    Up to 10 year complete luminaries warranty.



Major Roadways, Residential Streets, Pedestrian Walkways, Remote & Rural Location, School, college, hospital, Grounds and car parks.



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